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Renew a lapsed driving licence

Requirements for a lapsed driving licence renewal:

UDLS does not cancel Driving Licence because of late renewal. Instead, your Driving Licence will lapse. A Driving Licence becomes lapsed 24 months, or two years, after the expiry date indicated on the document.

You can renew a lapsed Driving Licence after undergoing refresher training with a licensed driving school which will then refer you to the Inspectorate of Vehicles (IOV) for a driving test after paying Shs25,000 (test fees for each class on the driving Driving Licence).

The IOV will issue you with a Certificate of Competence once you pass the test.

When that is done, you pay for and proceed to any UDLS facility for licence renewal.

The mandatory documents you will need for this process:

    1. Expired Driving Licence (original copy). If lost or damaged, we require a police letter.
    2. A copy of your Driving Licence or police letter stamped by the IOV (when you pass the test).
    3. Proof of payment for renewal (A paid Payment Registration Number (PRN).
    4. Valid proof of identification;
      • Ugandans- National ID or NIN.
      • For non-Ugandans: valid passport & valid visa (original copies).
      • Refugee card issued by the prime minister’s office for refugees (original copy).

Note: UDLS does not accept cash at our branches. Payment Assessments are generated via the URA website or the MoWT e-service portal and payment is made through any bank, mobile money, or payway.

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