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Pay for learner licence or full driving licence, including renewal, updates, exchanges, and replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Once you submit all documents for renewal or a new licence, our head office in Kampala should issue your licence in about an hour, while branches outside of Kampala should issue the licence within forty-eight hours.

Learner drivers can only drive under supervised conditions. The learner licence only allows them to drive under the personal supervision of a driving instructor, in a vehicle operated by a licenced driving school. The only exception is for motorcycles which learner drivers may ride unaccompanied.

No, it will not. We do not cancel licences because of late renewal; instead, your licence will lapse.

A driving licence becomes lapsed 24 months after the expiry date indicated on the document. A person whose licence has not been renewed within two years from the date of expiry shall, on application for renewal, return to the Inspectorate of Vehicles — a department at the Uganda Police — to be tested for the classes on the lapsed licence. When that is done, you pay for renewal.

The foreign conversion applicant must hold a valid driver licence from the country in which they were resident. The applicant should have received their driving licence at the minimum required 18 years of age as set out by Ugandan law. They should also have a valid visa or work permit with a validity of at least one day (except for tourist visas, which are not acceptable for conversions). They will receive a Ugandan driver licence after paying the foreign exchange fees. Visit the foreign conversions page for the full list of requirements.

Renewal: Original expired licence, national ID, proof of payment.
Learner/provisional licence: National ID, proof of enrolment in a driving school, filled out application/medical form.
New driving licence: National ID, certificate of completion from a driving school, certificate of competence, Proof of payment, filled out application/ medical form.

We accept a letter of confirmation for national identification details from the National Identification and Registration Authority. This can now be acquired online via the NIRA website. A copy or duplicate of your national ID is also accepted.

NO CASH is received at any of the UDLS offices. Payments can be made at any bank (preferably Diamond Trust Bank or Bank of Africa), via PayWay or using mobile money. You can also pay from the One Stop Customer Service Centre at the Main Railway Station in Kampala, next to our main branch.

We cannot process a licence with a wrong assessment. Therefore, you will be required to make the right payment. Afterwards, visit the nearest Uganda Revenue Authority office with your receipts – the one with the correct payment, and the receipt with the fee made in error – and fill out a tax claim form. The URA will process a refund for the erroneous payment.

You do not have to change your driving licence. It is still valid until it expires, and then you can renew.

A learner licence is given a duration of 3 months; if these pass before the applicant has visited the IOV and passed the competence test, then they would have to renew their licence. A full driver licence can renew up to 2 years after expiry, beyond that the licence is lapsed and renewing this will involve another visit to the IOV.

Yes, we do. Please visit any of our branches with your original national ID (or passport/refugee card, for foreigners) for assistance.

No. Currently, all driving licence applications, including renewals, are done in-person at our offices by the licence owner. This also means that you have to be in Uganda to access those services.

You will be required to present a police letter/report.

Yes. Each IOV driving test will cost Shs25,000 and class extension for each class Shs121,000.

The IOV stamp is valid for 12 months.

It should take three to four days if you are processing a licence for the first time or adding a class. If you are renewing a lapsed licence, please allow for at least one week.

We issue licences for driving in Uganda. International driving licences are issued by an organisation called the Automobile Association of Uganda.

Uganda Driver Licensing System