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Licensed Driving Schools

List of licensed driving schools as of 11th January 2024.


1 Wefunile Driving School A, A1,B Central-Ntinda 12-Jan-24
2 Afeku Yuda Driving School B,D1,C1 Central-Mutungo 8-Feb-24
3 Ddembe Driving School B Central-Kampala 12-Feb-24
4 Harus Driving School-Kampala Road B Central-Kampala 21-Feb-24
5 Prestige Driving School (Bugolobi Branch) A1, B, D1, CE Central-Bugolobi 23-Feb-24
6 Tamale Driving School A1,A, B, D, C, CE Central-Kampala 27-Feb-24
7 Teresa Driving School B Central-Kampala 1-Mar-24
8 Harus Driving School-Seeta B Central-Seeta 8-Mar-24
9 VSMART Driving School B Central 12-Mar-24
10 Devine Brothers Driving School B Central 14-Mar-24
11 Steep Hill Driving School B Central-Bunga 14-Mar-24
12 Trust Driving School B Western-Mityana 17-May-24
13 Jemini Driving School B Central-Kawempe 23-Mar-24
14 AAU Driving School (Kampala) B Central-Old Portbell 29-Mar-24
15 Fosters Driving School B Central 29-Mar-24
16 Harus Driving School-Kyengera branch B Central 1-Apr-24
17 Red Carpet Driving School B Central 3-Apr-24
18 Summit Driving School B Central-Gayaza 10-Apr-24
19 Harus Driving Sch-Bukoto B Central 10-Apr-24
20 Generation X Driving School A1, B,C1 Central 17-Apr-24
21 J$K Driving School-Nkurumah A1,A Central 23-Apr-24
22 Ebenezer Driving School A1,B,D1,C1,G, Central 29-Apr-24
23 Adi Driving School A1, B Central 2-May-24
24 Mutinisa Driving School B Central-Yusuf Lule Road 16-Apr-24
25 UDSA Driving School A1, B, D1, D, DE, C CE Central 23-Apr-24
26 Red Carpet Driving School B Central 4-Apr-24
27 Summit Driving School B Central 10-Apr-24
28 Harus Driving Sch-Bukoto A1,A Central 11-Apr-24
29 Generation X Driving School A1,B, C1 Central 18-Apr-24
30 J$K Driving School-Nkurumah A1, A Central 24-Apr-24
31 Ebenezer Driving School A1,B,D1 Central 30-Apr-24
32 Adi Driving School A1,B Central 3-May-24
33 Opoka Driving School B, D1 C Central 9-May-24
34 Graben Logistics Academy B, C, CE Central 15-May-24
35 Centenary Driving School A1 C1, B Central 21-May-24
36 Victoria school of motoring ltd driving school B Central 19-Jun-24
37 Victory City Enterprises Driving School B Central 19-Jun-24
38 Polina Driving School B Central 21-Jun-24
39 KJ Driving School B CETRAL 26-Jul-24
40 Prestige Driving School (BWEYOGERERE) B Central 28-Jun-24
41 LYN Driving School A1, B, D1 Central 28-Jun-24
42 Paulson Driving School B Central 5-Jul-24
43 Jomo experts Driving School B Central Mengo 9-Jul-24
44 Lukwago Mutas Swamadu Driving School A1,B Central 12-Jul-24
45 Devine Brothers Driving School-Sonde B Central-Sonde 20-Jul-24
46 Banadir Driving School B Central 30-Jul-24
47 Kabaalu and Family Driving School B Central-Wakiso 1-Aug-24
48 God’s Care Auto Holdings Driving school B Central 2-Aug-24
49 Mwilbert Driving School B Central 2-Aug-24
50 Utrain Driving School B Cental-Kisasi 6-Aug-24
51 Ddungu Kafuluma Global Driving School B Central-Kampala 31-Aug-24
52 Western Heavy Machinary training centre B,F,G Central-Kubiri 9-Oct-24
53 BK Transpoint driving School A1,A,B Central-Kyebando 23-Oct-24
54 JANOB Driving School B Central 24-Oct-24
55 Joths Driving School B Central-Kawuku 13-Nov-24
56 Prestige Driving school Luwero B Central 20-Nov-24
57 MARVEL DRIVING SCHOOL B Central 20-Nov-24
58 Kibedde Driving School B Central 23-Nov-24
59 KS. Integrated Driving School B Central 5-Dec-24
60 GIFT DRIVING SCHOOL A1, B Central 9-Dec-24
61 Country View Driving School A1,A,B,B1,D1 Central 13-Dec-24


62 Asaana Driving School A1, B Western-Kasese 22-Jan-24
63 Perfect Training Driving School B Western-Mbarara 9-Feb-24
64 Byam. S. Mend Driving School A1,A, B,C1,C Western-Fort 19-Feb-24
65 Mukama Murungi Driving School B Western-Fort 13-Mar-24
66 Miami Driving School B Western-Kabale 20-Mar-24
67 He Cares Driving School A1,A, B, C1, D1, D, C Western-Fort 26-Mar-24
68 Christ in schools driving schools B Western-Hoima 27-Apr-24
69 Star Driving School B Western-Kabale 28-Mar-24
70 Wendi Driving School A, B1 B, C, C1, D1, D, DE, G, CE F Western-Fort 1-Apr-24
71 Ruti Professional Driving School A1, B,C1 Western-Mbarara 7-May-24
72 God’s Care Driving School A1,B,C1 Western-Masaka 9-May-24
73 Nanga Home Driving School B, C1 Western-Hoima 11-May-24
74 Digital Driving School A, B, C1 Western-Mbarara 18-May-24
75 KANYANKOLE PROFESSIONAL Driving School A, B, D1,D,C1,C,CE Western-Mbarara 19-May-24
76 Kakiika Expert Driving School B Western-Mbarara 21-May-24
77 Mbarara United Driving School A1, B, C1 Western-Mbarara 24-May-24
78 Kamu Driving School A, B,C1 Western-Mbarara 24-May-24
79 Royal Driving School A, B, C1 Western-Mbarara 30-May-24
80 Global Driving School B Western-Mbarara 1-Jul-24
81 K-Way Driving School B Western-Mbarara 3-Jul-24
82 San Diego Driving School B Western-Mbarara 2-Jul-24
83 Makenke Professional Driving School B Western-Mbarara 4-Jul-24
84 Liberty Defensive Driving School B,D1 Western-Mbarara 11-Jul-24
85 Kabale Master Auto Driving School A1,A, B, C1 Western-Kabale 2-Aug-24
86 St Augustine Driving School A, B, G, C, C1 Western-Hoima 3-Oct-24
87 Kikumbi Driving School B, C1 Western-Mityana 2-Nov-24
88 Life Safe Driving School A1,B,C1,C,D1,G Western-Mityana 13-Nov-24


89 Kitoko Automobile Driving School B Northern-Lira 22-Jan-24
90 Ngec Lonyo Driving School B Northern-Kitgum 14-Feb-24
91 Rejo Driving School (Gulu) A1, A, B, C1, D1, D 5-Mar-24
92 Komite Comminity Driving School B Northern-Arua 21-Mar-24
93 Nelkoo Technical and Vocational Driving School A1,B,C1 Northern-Lira 26-Mar-24
94 Ma-ecora youth centre Driving School B Northern-Arua 28-Mar-24
95 Maria Consolata Driving School B Northern 19-Apr-24
96 Good Motor Driving School B,D1,D,C,C1 Northern-Lira city 25-May-24
97 Pride Driving School A,B Northern-Lira 1-Aug-24
98 Free Way Driving School A1,A, B, G Northern-Gulu 7-Aug-24
99 Capital Skills Driving A,B Northern-Lira 10-Aug-24
100 Akomark Driving School B Northern-Bweyale 15-Aug-24
101 Rejo Driving School (Arua) A1, B1, B, C1, D1 Northern-Arua 27-Aug-24
102 Prestige Driving School (Lira) B Northern-Lira 10-Sep-24
103 Rejo Driving School (Gulu) A1, A, B, C1, D1, D Northern-Gulu 9-Sep-24
104 Automobile Association of Uganda Driving
School Gulu
A1,A,B,C1,C,D1 Northern-Gulu 22-Nov-24
105 Bravo Magl Driving School A, B Northern-Gulu 2-Dec-24
106 Omoro B Skills Training Institute B Northern-Gulu 4-Dec-24


107 Mission Foundation Two Five B Eastern-serere 14-Feb-24
108 King David Driving School A,B,C1,D1 Eastern-Kaberamaido 17-Feb-24
109 St Joana Driving School B Eastern-Soroti City 26-Feb-24
110 St Pius Iskom Driving School B,C1 Eastern-Mbale 6-Mar-24
111 Reliable Motorcare Driving School A1, B, D1 Eastern-Jinja 2-Apr-24
112 Select Intensive Driving School B Eastern-Mbale 4-Apr-24
113 Global School of Driving and Mechanics A,B,D1,C1,C Eastern-Jinja 4-Apr-24
114 Soroti Garmets Voc Driving Sch. B Eastern-Mbale 4-Apr-24
115 TRIUMPH Driving School B Eastern-Tororo 3-Apr-24
116 Vican Driving School B Eastern-Mbale 19-Apr-24
117 Double Skills Autopan two five driving school B Eastern-Mbale 22-Mar-24
118 Pearl Driving School A,B,G,C1 Eastern-Mbale 28-May-24
119 Harus Driving School Soroti B Eastern-soroti 28-May-24
120 St Kizito Technical Institute-Madera A,B.C Eastern-Mbale 18-Jun-24
121 Elgon Driving School A, B, C Eastern-Mbale 21-Jun-24
122 Macomps Driving School B Eastern-Mbale 29-Jun-24
123 Benedictine Voc driving school B Eastern-Mbale 17-Jul-24
124 Harus Driving School-Mbale B Eastern-Mbale 3-Aug-24
125 Sebei Driving School B Eastern-Kapchorwa 7-Aug-24
126 Prestige Driving School (Soroti Branch) B Eastern-Soroti 10-Sep-24
127 Golya Driving School A, B, C1,C, D1, D1,F,G Eastern-Mbale 22-Oct-24
128 Rear Guard Driving School A,B,C1,C,D1,D,G Eastern-Mbale 20-Nov-24
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