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Pay for learner licence or full driving licence, including renewal, updates, exchanges, and replacements.

Add other classes to your licence

Requirements and process to add a class to your licence

Validity Price (UGX)

Conditions for Class Extension.



A A1 B B1 G
Learner Driving Licence Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
18 years of age Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Category B Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
25 Years Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 years’ experience  in category B No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes

The mandatory documents you will need for this process:

  1. Valid national ID for Ugandan applicants. We also accept a duplicate/copy of the ID, a photocopy of the ID, or a NIRA verification letter if you don’t have any of the previous documents
    *For non-Ugandans: valid passport, valid visa — and, if applicable; work permit, dependant pass, or student pass (original copies)
    *For refugees: refugee card issued by the office of the prime minister (original copy)
  2. Original licence
  3. Proof of payment (payment registration number, from either the URA or the Ministry of Works and Transport e-services portal); how to generate a payment registration slip
  4. Certificate of competence (issued by the Police IOV)
  5. Certificate of training completion (obtained from a licenced driving school after training)
  6. Fully filled-out driving licence application form
  7. Fully filled-out medical examination report: The medical examination report is a section of the learner driving licence and driver licence application form. An applicant for a full driver licence does not need to fill the section if they already had it filled/completed on the learner licence within the last six months. A medical examination report done for the learner licence in the last six months is still valid for a full driver licence application.

Note: UDLS does not accept cash at our branches. Payment Assessments are generated via the URA website or the MoWT e-service portal and payment is made through any bank, mobile money, or payway.

Uganda Driver Licensing System