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Pay for learner licence or full driving licence, including renewal, updates, exchanges, and replacements.

Renew your driving licence

Requirements to get your licence renewed

Validity Price (UGX)
Five years 310,000
Three years 210,000
One year 130,000

The mandatory documents you will need for this process:

  1. Expired licence (original copy)
    *If you lost or damaged your licence, we shall require a police letter in place of the original copy of the expired licence.
  2. Valid national ID for Ugandan applicants. We also accept a duplicate/copy of the ID, a photocopy of the ID, or a NIRA verification letter if you don’t have any of the previous documents
    *For non-Ugandans: valid passport, valid visa — and, if applicable; work permit, dependant pass, or student pass (original copies)
    *Refugee card issued by the prime ministers office for refugees (original copy)
  3. Proof of payment (payment registration number); how to generate a payment registration slip

How to renew a  lapsed licence

A lapsed licence is one that has been expired for 24 months (two years) or more. You can renew a lapsed licence after returning to the Inspectorate of Vehicles (IOV) — a department at the Uganda Police — to be tested for the classes on the lapsed licence.

Note: UDLS does not accept cash at our branches. Payment Assessments are generated via the URA website or the MoWT e-service portal and payment is made through any bank, mobile money, or payway.

Driving Licence Verification/Authentication:

To get a letter of authentication or have a Driving Licence verified:

  • Email requesting verification with an attachment of a scanned copy (front and back) of the Driving Licence.
  • Clearly state to what email the letter should be sent.

For more clarity reach out to UDLS; Email: or call Toll-free: 0800211002

Uganda Driver Licensing System