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Pay for learner licence or full driving licence, including renewal, updates, exchanges, and replacements.

About us

The Uganda Driver Licensing System is a project by the Ministry of Works and Transport to license drivers and improve safety on the country’s roads. It produces and issues secure, world-class computerised driving licences. It is run by the Uganda Security Printing Company (USPC) which is a joint venture between Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation(UPPC), which is state-owned, and Veridos GmbH, a German firm.


Mission Statement

To produce and issue secure world-class driving licences in a convenient and timely manner.


Vision Statement

To use great customer service and leverage technology to provide and issue secure, world-class driver licences in a fast and effective manner.


Overall Objective

To improve road safety in Uganda by ensuring drivers and riders are qualified and have the right licences.

Uganda Driver Licensing System