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Getting a driving licence has never been easier – UDLS participates in UIA sensitisation drive

On Saturday, 24 September 2022, the Uganda Driver Licensing System was invited to participate in an outreach program organised by the Uganda Insurers Association in partnership with Old Kampala Police. The activity took place at Old Kampala Secondary School, and ran from 11am to 3pm.

The event was organized to sensitise boda boda riders on third party insurance and road safety. Most of the riders, who were invited by the police, were from Kampala’s central division; the majority were stage chairpersons, according to their association chairperson.

In his address, the officer in charge of Old Kampala Police emphasised the importance of following rules of the road and cooperation with the police. He also concurred with the chairperson of the central division boda boda riders’ association, who had pointed out the value of such engagements between riders and the police, not only in improving road safety but also in helping root out criminal elements from the boda industry.

On their part, the Uganda Insurers Association spoke about the necessity of third party insurance, and noted that the process of acquiring coverage had moved to a digital [and mobile] platform to fight fraud and forgeries. In addition, it addressed concerns and queries about motor insurance policies, including compensation processes. The association of thirty insurance companies was represented by Jonan Kisakye, its chief executive, among others.

Doris Nalwanga, the customer care officer at UDLS, took the gathering through the process of acquiring a driving licence, emphasising that it had become even more uncomplicated and quick under the new system, and has eliminated brokers. The last point was made not long after a highlight of the public’s gap in information: earlier, a rider said they paid someone to help them acquire their licence, parting with a lot more than they would have paid through official channels.

The majority of boda boda riders in Kampala [and throughout the country] operate without driving licences; only 14 per cent of motorcyclists own a valid licence, according to a survey by the Uganda Road Fund. Several riders blamed what they said is a “complicated” process of acquiring licences and the prevalence of brokers. Some were also unaware that UDLS in Kampala operates at a location different from that of Face Technologies, the previous provider.

Hope for Victims of Traffic Accidents (HOVITA), a non-for-profit organisation that promotes road safety education and advocates for the interest of road crash survivors, also participated in the event.

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