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Public Notice: Removal of production fees (updated)

Before UDLS took over the issuance of driving licences, there were two categories of licences fees. The first was a government non-tax revenue (NTR) charge paid before the production of the licence and collected by the Uganda Revenue Authority. The second, the production fee, was paid to the licence issuer who at the time was Face Technologies.

It happens that some clients generated payment receipts for learner and other driving licence services during the mandate of the old issuer, but did not proceed to process their licences at Face Technologies. Such clients would have paid the NTR charge but not the production fee for processing the licence. These fees are Shs30,000 for the learner licence and Shs80,000 for other services such as a new driving licence, renewal, class extension, etc.

When UDLS took over the production of driving licences on 1 March 2021, all payments for licences were configured to be handled by the URA. Thus, clients who had paid for licences before 1 March 2021 but had not processed their licences – that is, those who had paid the NTR charge but not the production fee – were now required to pay the production fees through the URA portal.

(Meanwhile, new clients starting the licence application process with UDLS on and after 1 March 2021 only paid one fee through the URA portal. The new integrated charge included both the government NTR fee and the licence production fee for UDLS/the Uganda Security Printing Company.)

After paying the production fee, on top of the earlier NTR charge, the clients could now process their licence with UDLS.

The option to generate a PRN on the URA portal for only the production fee will be disabled on 31 May 2023. This means that the option to pay only production fees for driving licence applications will be removed after 31 May 2023.

However, all UDLS offices will continue to serve clients that may have two receipts – the NTR receipt (made before 1 March 2021), and the production fee receipt – until 30 June 2023. After that we shall not be able to process applications for clients with those receipts.

We ask anyone who may be affected by these changes to respond as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Initial notice

The Ministry of Works and Transport and the Uganda Security Printing Company would like to inform the public that the provision for production fees (for both learner and full driving licences) on the ministry and Uganda Revenue Authority payment portals will be switched off on 31 May 2023.

All applicants with payment receipts made before 1 March 2021 are therefore requested to visit any UDLS facility around the country to complete their applications before 1 July 2023 when this service will be shut down.

We thank you for your usual corporation and regret any inconvenience caused.

For further enquiries, please contact us on our toll-free number, 0800211002, or using any of the options here.

Bageya Waiswa
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Works and Transport

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